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How it works

To register for any courses you find on our website, you must complete a number of steps. We often refer to these steps as 'the process'. Please contact our Virtual Help Desk if you have any questions.

  • Create your account

    Start by creating a free eCourses Manitoba account. Make sure to add your student number and any visiting student numbers you may already have. Your profile needs to be accurate to go through the process.

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  • Find your course(s)

    Browse the list of courses. There are hundreds to choose from! Any course that interests you can be saved to your profile. If a course has no sessions currently available, you can also ask to be notified when a new session is added.

    If you’re already a student, you should discuss your course selections with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor can help ensure that your selected courses will work in your academic plan.

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  • Are you a current student?

    If you are not currently a student, our website will direct you to the college or university website, where you can register for your course. You will likely have to complete an application as part of registration.

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  • Apply

    You must become a student to register for a course. Generally, the application is part of course registration for diploma and certificate courses. For degree courses you must apply and be admitted as a student before you can register for the course.

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  • Is the course from your institution?

    If you find a course from your home institution, you can register using your university or college’s registration system.

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  • Request Letter of Permission

    Students who want to take a course for transfer credit must request a letter of permission from their home institution and apply as a visiting student to the university or college offering the course. Through eCourses Manitoba, requesting a letter of permission is as easy as clicking a button. It can take up to 6 weeks to receive this approval, so apply as soon as possible!

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  • Visiting Student Application

    You can apply as a visiting student right after you request your letter of permission. Review the instructions for applying to each institution before proceeding with the application to ensure you receive applicable fee waivers.

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  • Register for the course

    All registration occurs at the college or university offering the course, usually through their registration system.

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  • Request transcripts*

    Finished the course? Time to get your transcripts.

    A transcript is how your home institution learns you’ve completed the course and adds the credit to your academic record.

    *A transcript is only required for students transferring course credit on a letter of permission (LOP).

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  • When should I get started?

    Ideally, the sooner, the better. Popular classes can fill up early. You can increase your chance of getting in by registering early. Although courses remain on eCourses until the last day you can register, there may be barriers that prevent you from registering at the last moment (see the part about waiting up to 6 weeks for a letter of permission). With this (and other realities) in mind: If you plan to take a course as a visiting student, you should get started four to eight weeks before registration opens at the host institution(s). Because of deadlines and processing time, it may not be possible to register if the course begins shortly.

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