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How it works

To register for any courses you find on our website, you must complete a number of steps. We often refer to these steps as the process. Please contact our Virtual Help Desk if you have any questions.

  • Step 1: Create your account

    Start by creating a free eCourses Manitoba account. With your account, you can save courses that interest you and also request a Letter of Permission. Make sure to add your student number and any visiting student numbers you may already have. Your profile needs to be accurate to go through the process.

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  • Step 2: Find your course(s)

    Browse the courses list. There are hundreds to choose from! Need help browsing courses? Visit our Help Centre’s summary on how to browse effectively for useful tips and tricks. Any course can be saved to your profile so you can keep track of what courses interest you. If you find a course from your home institution, you can register using your home's registration system without requesting permission.

    When you’ve found a course you want to take, you should discuss it with your academic advisor if you’re already a student. We recommend saving a few courses to your profile for your advisor’s approval.

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  • Step 3: Follow your path

    If you’ve filled out your profile correctly, our website will guide you through the next steps after you click “Get Started.”

    Request Permission: Students who want to take a course for transfer credit must request a letter of permission. You can use our website to request permission. This option is available after clicking “Get Started.” Make sure to check your email for details about your Letter of Permission!

    Visiting Student Application: When you aren’t a student at the university or college offering the course, you also need to apply to be a visiting student. The process will redirect you to fill out an application form at the host institution. Follow the instructions carefully and contact us for help at any time!

    Note: You do not have to pay the fee when you go to the visiting student application through our website. Our partners have agreed to waive the fees for visiting students who apply through eCourses. Please review the instructions for applying to each institution before proceeding with the application.

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  • Step 4: Register for the course

    All registration occurs at the host institution of the course.

    Registering for the course varies according to your situation.

    • You’re taking a course from another institution: You’ve received a letter of permission and been accepted as a visiting student. Proceed to registration through the host institution.
    • You’re taking a course from your institution: No further steps required. Proceed to registration.

    What if I’m not a student?

    It depends on the course. In many cases, you need to apply to the university or college where the course is offered. Courses from professional development programs, such as the University of Winnipeg’s PACE and University of Manitoba’s CAPS, can be registered for directly.

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  • Step 5: Get your transcripts

    Finished the course? Time to get your transcripts.

    If you plan to have the courses you have taken transfer towards your current program of study, your home institution needs your transcripts. This way, they’ll know you’ve successfully completed the course and can add the credit to your academic record. To complete this process, simply order your transcript from the host institution and request that they send it to your home institution. 

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  • When should I get started?

    Ideally, you should get started four to eight weeks before registration opens at the host institution. You will need both a Letter of Permission, which can take one to six weeks, and a visiting student number, which can also take a number of weeks, before you can register. It can take some time to be ready to register at the host institution. Popular classes can fill early. You can increase your chance of getting in by registering early.

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