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What is eCourses Manitoba?

Hundreds of courses. One website. We work with Manitoba’s public universities and colleges to connect students with online courses in many subjects. Our small staff make this possible by supporting students every step of the way.

  • Which post-secondary institutions are partners in eCourses Manitoba?

  • What is the Virtual Help Desk?

    The Virtual Help Desk is Campus Manitoba’s chat, email, and phone service that helps you navigate Manitoba’s public post-secondary system. We provide hands-on help to students who are using eCourses Manitoba to find online education.

    Our friendly and knowledgeable staff also offers support for general matters concerning Manitoba’s post-secondary system.

    Using the Virtual Help Desk is easy: simply click the blue box in the bottom-right corner of any page, introduce yourself, and ask a question. If it’s between 8:30 and 4:30 from Monday to Friday, we’ll answer right away. If it’s later, we’ll get an email and reply as soon as we see it. You can also contact us during our regular hours by phone at 1-866-445-0063. Prefer email? Submit a question through our contact form.

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  • Is online learning for me?

    Online learning requires more independence and motivation than other courses as you will work remotely from other students and your instructor. By scheduling time regularly to work on your online courses, you can succeed! Online courses also require that you have regular access to a computer with the Internet.

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  • What does eCourses offer?

    We offer many services for students:

    • We make online learning options more accessible by putting the majority of Manitoba's online courses in one place.
    • We work directly with our post-secondary partner institutions to make it easier for students to acquire and transfer course credits.
    • We offer phone, email, and online chat support to answer any questions you might have.
    • We work with our partners to reduce or eliminate certain fees for students who want to complete an online course.


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  • Will I graduate from eCourses?

    No. eCourses Manitoba is not a university or college. It is a service you can use to find online courses. Even if the course you choose isn’t offered by your home institution, we can help you register. The courses are offered by our post-secondary partners.

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  • Why eCourses?

    Hundreds of courses. Seven institutions. One website. Now, students can access hundreds of Manitoba’s online courses in one place.

    There is more good news! You can save up to $150.00 per course! Our partners have agreed to waive the fees for the Letter of Permission and visiting student application when you use this website to find their online courses.

    Using this website also makes it easy to find transfer information. Many of the listed courses have pre-arranged transfer agreements, which means that you can transfer the course to your home institution.  Always remember to contact your academic advisor to confirm that the course will transfer into your program of study.

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  • How are courses delivered?

    Most of our courses are delivered online through a learning management system (LMS) at the university or college where the course is offered. Online courses commonly include videos, shared files and articles, discussion forums, and quizzes. Some require textbooks. Assignments are submitted online through the LMS and you receive feedback and grades the same way. If you don’t know how to find the LMS for your course, check out this article. We also have more information about how exams work for online courses.

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  • Campus Manitoba prior to May 2014

    If you took courses from Campus Manitoba prior to May 2014, you may find that the instructions in this Help Centre are similar to, but not quite the same as, the former process. To take a new course through the eCampus Manitoba website, you should create a new account and follow the process on How It Works. Your account on the old website did not transfer to this site. If you have questions about courses that you took prior to May 2014, please contact the Virtual Help Desk for assistance.

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