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Using my account

  • Why do I need an account?

    An eCourses MB account allows you to save courses that interest you to your ‘My Courses’ page. An account is required if you would like to request a Letter of Permission from your home institution.

    By requesting your letter of permission through our website, the fees normally associated with the LOP request and visiting student application are waived. Use your ‘My Courses’ list to keep a record of your courses of interest and to track the progress of your Letter of Permission requests.

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  • How do I edit my profile?

    After logging in, clicking the ‘My account’ button will direct you to your user profile. Once you’re on that page, select ‘Edit Profile’ to make changes to your account. 

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  • Can I change my home institution?

    You can change your home institution by applying to the new college or university. Once you have been accepted by your new home institution, please remember to edit your ‘My Account’ on the eCourses webpage so that any new Letter of Permission requests are sent to your new home institution.

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  • Can I use my gmail/hotmail address?

    Most of our partner institutions request that you use your official student email address from your home institution to comply with their policies on communicating with students.

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  • The course is in 'My courses' list. Am I registered?

    No, you are not. Once you have received your Letter of Permission (LOP) and been accepted as a visiting student, you are ready to register

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