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Accessing my course

Delivery methods vary by institution and by course, but almost all of our courses are delivered through an online format. The host institution will typically contact you with instructions for accessing your course, but here are some general instructions for course access at the different institutions.

  • How do I access my online courses?

    • Assiniboine Community College - You will receive a course package from ACC that will include instructions for accessing your course. Online course materials are delivered through Moodle, an LMS. Login to Moodle using your ACC username and password. For more information, visit the Getting Started page on ACC's website.
    • Brandon University - Courses are delivered through Moodle. Login using your Brandon University username and password. On the first day of classes, your instructor will email an enrolment key to you at your Brandon University email address. After logging in to Moodle, browse to find your class, enter the enrolment key when prompted, and get started.
    • Red River College -  A course package will be sent to you by mail, which includes sets of directions, printed learning materials, the textbook, and any loaned items such as sets of journal articles or videotapes. The directions in the course package may direct you to learn, RRC's learning management system.
    • The University of Winnipeg - The University of Winnipeg delivers its distance courses using two different delivery methods. Courses delivered by LMS Online and Web-based delivery can be accessed via NEXUS, the University of Winnipeg’s learning management system. Students can login using a University of Winnipeg username and password on the first day of classes.

    • University of Manitoba - Instructions for accessing your online course can be found on the UM Learn Resources on the University of Manitoba’s webpage. Courses can be accessed through UM Learn using your UMnetID.

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  • How do I find out what my course delivery method is?

    Delivery methods vary according to each institution. Online video, live-streaming of lectures and downloadable text and photos are some examples of delivery methods. Some institutions have an online learning management system through which you will access most of the course information, materials and online discussions

    • Assiniboine Community College - You can find out more about the delivery methods that ACC uses on the Delivery Methods page.
    • Brandon University - Courses are delivered through a learning management system, Moodle, where courses are delivered by a combination of recorded lectures, PowerPoint slides, readings, videos, class discussions, assignments, and tests.
    • Red River College - Red River College uses a number of methods to deliver distance courses. The Continuing Education catalogue of courses identifies the delivery method used in each course.
    • The University of Winnipeg - The University of Winnipeg delivers its distance courses using two different delivery methods. The Web-Based Program involves the delivery of video lectures via the web (VOD) and nexus. In-class lectures are recorded live and later posted for viewing. All lectures are available for the entire term. The LMS Online Program delivers the course via nexus, the University of Winnipeg's learning management system. Courses are available 24/7 and most are designed in modules that provide links to websites, images, PowerPoint presentations, and more.
    • Université de Saint-Boniface - Access to courses can be found on the Access to Online Courses page.
    • University of Manitoba - Information about course delivery methods can be found at the Online Learning page on the University of Manitoba’s website.

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  • What is a learning management system (LMS)?

    A learning management system (LMS) is a website that hosts course materials and requires a login to access. Some of the more common LMS’s include Moodle, D2L, Nexus, and learn. You will also submit assignments through the LMS as well as connect with other students in the course and contact your instructor.

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  • What do I do if I have trouble accessing my course?

    The host institution delivers the course and therefore is responsible for assisting students to gain access to the course. Often the login page to the host institution’s learning management system will include instructions that you can follow if you have trouble accessing the course. Expect to wait if you are contacting a helpline for assistance during the first two weeks of classes. Do, however, follow up if you haven’t had a reply within a business day. The Virtual Help Desk has no direct access to the host institution’s systems, but we may have ideas that you can try. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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