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When you take an online course on a Letter of Permission, you may have questions about your grade and what options are available to you for appealing it. You’ve found the right place!

  • Where do I find my final grade?

    Your final grade will be posted by the university or college where the course is offered. If that institution has an online registration system (e.g.: Aurora, BUOnline, or WebAdvisor), the grade will be posted there. Your grade is only updated on your academic record at your home institution once they receive a transcript from the host institution.

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  • When will I know my final grade?

    Waiting times for grades vary. Institutions do their best to set a standard, but circumstances can cause those deadlines to be missed. Exams written off campus can delay your grade, and grades submitted by your instructor must be approved by administration before they are posted to your academic record.

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  • My final grade is not showing up at my home institution.

    In most cases, this means that your home institution hasn’t received your transcript. It is your responsibility to ensure your host institution has submitted your transcript to your home institution

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  • I'm not happy with my grade. How do I appeal my grade?

    Most universities and colleges recommend that you discuss your grade informally with your instructor first. If the dispute cannot be resolved informally, you must submit an official grade appeal within a month (or less) of receiving the grade. Use the links below to find appeal documents and policies.

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