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While not all online courses require textbooks in print form, many of them still do. Students registered in online classes have similar options as they would in an on-campus course. Click through these questions for more info. 

  • What textbooks do I need?

    The bookstore of the host institution will have a detailed list of all required and recommended textbooks for your course. In some cases the cost of the books will be packaged with your registration in the course and you will receive the book(s) after registration. In the event the bookstore does not have this information, you can contact the course instructor for a list of course texts. Once you know which books are needed, you can purchase them from your preferred source.

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  • How do I get my textbooks?

    All textbooks can be purchased through the host institution’s bookstore (with the exception of USB, which doesn’t have a bookstore). Some Red River College programs include the textbook(s) in the registration cost. By registering for those college courses, you will receive the textbook(s) by mail.

    • Assiniboine Community College - Bookstore
    • Brandon University - Campus Books
    • Red River College - Campus Store
    • The University of Winnipeg - Bookstore
    • Université de Saint-Boniface - No bookstore. Students are given information concerning books upon enrolling in the course.
    • University College of the North - Bookstore
    • University of Manitoba - Fort Garry Bookstore (Online ordering is available.)


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