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  • What are my tuition fees?

    Tuition fees vary by course and institution. The tuition fees for college courses are listed on our website, whereas the fees for university courses are not due to more complicated fees structures. Costs for university courses typically correlate to the faculty and the course’s credit hours. Course fees are assessed upon registration, but you can also find more information on each institution’s website by viewing their online catalogues:


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  • How do I pay my tuition?

    All tuition payments are made to the host institution and through its payment process. For example, if you are a BU student taking a U of M course, you would see your amount owing on U of M’s Aurora and submit your payment according to U of M’s process. Each college or university has its own payment options, deadlines, and policies, so ensure that you have an understanding of the specific steps for payment or the delay may affect your registration in the course.

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  • When is my tuition due?

    Each instution has its own payment deadlines and policies. Due dates for the tuition for your host institution's course is determined by the host institution's deadlines.

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  • I'm a sponsored student. What do I need to do?

    Tuition for courses is paid to the university or college offering the course. It is your responsibility to contact your sponsor to arrange for a sponsorship letter to be sent to any university or college where you have registered for a course. This letter must specify which fees your sponsor will pay for. 

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