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Visiting student status

To take a course from an institution other than your home you will need a visiting student number. This is a separate process from applying for a Letter of Permission.

If you are not currently a student you do not need to apply for visiting student status.

  • What is visiting student status?

    When you are admitted to an institution on a Letter of Permission to take a course to transfer back to your home institution, you are considered a visiting student.

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  • I already have a visiting student number.

    Great! Get in touch with the Registrar’s Office at the host institution to make sure that your status is active and that you are able to register for courses.

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  • How do I get visiting student status?

    Apply to the host institution and indicate you would like to be a visiting student. Most institutions will have a specific option on their forms for visiting students. You only need to apply for visiting student status once, but you must request an LOP for each course you would like to take.

    • Assiniboine Community College - Visiting students apply using the same form as regular students but with undeclared status. Do not submit payment. When prompted on the application for payment method, select “Cheque.” Only the application fee is waived, not the course tuition. ACC will hold your registration until they receive the LOP and payment for the course.

    • Brandon University - Visiting students should apply online. The application form asks for a payment method, but you can select “cheque” to submit the application without being charged. When you request permission for a BU course, we send an email to Admissions that waives your application fee.

    • Red River College - Course registrations are accepted through the Red River College website. You can register for courses by adding them to your “shopping cart” and checking out. When you check out, you will be directed to an application form. Simply follow the instructions to apply and register. RRC will not process the registration until the Letter of Permission arrives from the home institution.

      • Registration and Fee Information is viewable in your shopping cart once a course has been added.

    • The University of Winnipeg - Visiting students complete an online application form. After you request permission for a UW course through eCourses Manitoba, an email is sent to Admissions to waive your application fee. In order to submit the application without a payment, you must select “Cheque” when the online form requests a payment method. After you apply, you should receive an email verifying the application. A second email will indicate that you have outstanding documents, but that email can be ignored. Once you are accepted, you will receive an email referring you to WebAdvisor for further instructions.

    • Université de Saint-Boniface - There is one application for all programs (university/college) for regular and visiting status. The application is currently paper, available online in PDF.

    • University of Manitoba - After you have requested your Letter of Permission through the eCourses Manitoba website, there will be a link to the University of Manitoba application. Eligible students who use this application will have their visiting student application fee waived. If you access the application from another link, the application fee may not be waived.

      Applications for other University of Manitoba programs can be found at on the University of Manitoba website.

      After you’ve completed your application, you can sign back in to check the status of your application. The University of Manitoba will also send emails regarding the status of your application. Once you are admitted, you must follow the link in the email to confirm your acceptance.

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  • Is there a fee to become a visiting student?

    Not when you access the application through eCourses Manitoba. Our partners have agreed to waive the application fee. Do not provide payment when you submit the application electronically, by mail, or in person. Follow the instructions in this article.

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  • I applied for a visiting student number. How can I check if I've been accepted?

    All applications require you to submit an email address so they can contact you. If you have an application account, you can login to the same website to check the status of your application.

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  • Where can I find the applications for my host institution?

  • When should I apply for visiting student status?

    We recommend applying for visiting student status right after you request your Letter of Permission. Your application won’t be approved until the host institution receives the LOP from the home institution. Contact the Virtual Help Desk for more information.

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  • I've now received both my visiting student number and my LOP. What's the next step?

    The next step is course registration, which is done through the host institution's registration system. See step five of How It Works.

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