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How do I make exam arrangements?

Exams are commonly held at the university or college offering the course. Students in or around the campus are expected to write the exam at the scheduled date, time, and location. However, if you cannot attend the exam, you may be able to make exam arrangements to write at a satellite location. Each institution has its own policies, procedures, and deadlines for arranging an off-campus exam.

  • Assiniboine Community College - Test Centre
  • Brandon University - Courses for the current academic year (2014-2015) will not require exam arrangements.
  • Red River College - Exams and Exam Invigilation for Distance Learning 
  • University of Winnipeg - Contact the following email for for exam procedures: 
  • University College of the North - No invigilation procedure available online. UCN does not currently offer any online courses on the eCMB website.
  • Université de Saint-Boniface - No invigilation procedure available online.
  • University of Manitoba - General Info About Distance Exams