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SWRK 2040 Social Welfare Policy: Analysis and Advocacy

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This is an introduction to the field of policy and its importance to social work practice. Specifically, to the skills of policy analysis and advocacy as forms of social work practice and social justice. Analytical and practice skills are developed through applying the concept of ideology as a useful policy analysis framework. Students will gain knowledge of how social justice can be advanced by means of thoughtful policy advocacy. Open to non-Social Work students with a minimum of 54 credit hours and with instructor permission. May not be held with SWRK 2113, the former SWRK 1310 or the former SWRK 1311. Prerequisite: SWRK 1200 or SWRK 3131 or the former SWRK 3130.

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TBA Apr. 03 2025 - Apr. 03 2025