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EDUA-1008 Managing Behaviour

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Management of student behaviour is a major concern for teachers and educational assistants because of its importance in establishing a positive learning environment. This course provides information and strategies on how educational assistants can contribute to an effective behaviour management approach. Supporting the teacher in providing behavioural and social support to students is one of the main roles of educational assistants, therefore, it is important for educational assistants to have the skills to effectively manage student behaviour and assist in the development of the social interaction skills of students.


EDUA-1001, EDUA-1002, EDUA-1003, EDUA-1004 and EDUA-1006

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Instructor Date Tuition
N. Tresoor Apr. 02 2024 - Jun. 30 2024 $325.00
N. Tresoor May. 01 2024 - Jul. 31 2024 $325.00
N. Tresoor Jun. 01 2024 - Aug. 31 2024 $325.00
Jul. 02 2024 - Sep. 30 2024 $325.00
Aug. 01 2024 - Oct. 31 2024 $325.00