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ASTR 1830 Life in the Universe

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This descriptive, general interest course explores the topic of life in the universe. Some of the following topics will be covered. (1) Some astronomy fundamentals (gravity, light). (2) The solar system (an introduction to the solar system, the formation of the solar system, the origin of life on Earth, extremophiles, the conditions needed for life, possible locations for life in the solar system). (3) Exoplanets (discovery methods, properties of detected Exoplanets, the Habitable Zone). (4) Star system formation (pre-stellar disks, planetary migration). (5) The Interstellar medium (nebulae, molecular clouds). (6) Our Mildy Way galaxy as an environment for life and the Drake Equation. (7) The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). This course is qualitative with simple arithmetic and trigonometry used occasionally. May not be held with the former PHYS 1830.

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