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FIN 2200 Corporate Finance

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(Lab required). An introduction to corporate finance regarding the allocation and acquisition of funds. Topics include: discounted cash flows, capital budgeting, financial instruments, cost of capital, risk-return trade-offs, market efficiency, capital structure and the use of derivatives. May not be held with FIN 2201. Prerequisite: Prerequisite: [ACC 1100 (D) or ACC 1101 (D)] and [one of MATH 1230, MATH 1500, MATH 1501, MATH 1510, the former MATH 1520, or MATH 1524] and [STAT 1000 or STAT 1001 or STAT 1150] and [(ECON 1010 (or ECON 1011) and ECON 1020 (or ECON 1021)) or the former ECON 1200 (or the former ECON 1201)].

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