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COMM-1142 Writing for the Web

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Learn how clarity, arrangement and purpose-driven content can make your web writing more authentic and effective.You will be introduced to sound web writing principles and discussions on how technologies, interfaces, and data are impacted by the choices you make. Exercises, assignments, and case scenarios encourage you to develop skills in captioning photos, incorporating links, writing FAQ pages and more. The projects are designed to help you learn how to organize content, define writing purpose and craft clear messages that will positively impact website visitors and their behaviour.


COMM-1243 or MUME-1633

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Certificate or Diploma

Credit Hours


Instructor Date Tuition
P. De Mello Ferreira Dec. 01 2020 - Feb. 28 2021 $539.00
P. De Mello Ferreira Jan. 06 2021 - Apr. 06 2021 $539.00
P. De Mello Ferreira Feb. 01 2021 - Apr. 30 2021 $539.00
P. De Mello Ferreira Mar. 01 2021 - May. 31 2021 $539.00