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MRKT-9014 Web Analytics

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This course is designed to help learners develop a solid understanding of the basic concepts and techniques that they will encounter as practitioners in the web analytics field. Topics of major concern that are discussed in Module 1 include a summary of web analytics concepts and important terms, along with the organizations and personnel who use web analytics. The course defines key performance indicators and discusses how they are chosen and implemented. A discussion of segmentation follows, with strategies for how to categorize website visitors. Students will also learn how to plan and assess website business strategies using web analytics. Students will gain an understanding of how to plan for and design dashboards and how qualitative research offers deeper business insights. In addition, students will learn how to conduct split and multivariate testing, and implement web analytics best practices.This course will take four hours to complete. You have 90 days to complete the course.

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Mar. 05 2024 - Jun. 03 2024 $109.00
Apr. 02 2024 - Jul. 01 2024 $109.00
May. 07 2024 - Aug. 05 2024 $109.00
Jun. 04 2024 - Sep. 02 2024 $109.00
Jul. 02 2024 - Sep. 30 2024 $109.00
Aug. 06 2024 - Nov. 04 2024 $109.00