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LDRS 0540 The Art and Practice of Team Leadership

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This course will focus on a systems thinking approach to team learning and team leadership. It will encourage a systemic perspective to ensure organic communication with the immediate organizational environment and knowledge of influences of the environment on the team. It also aims at fostering appreciation of shared leadership in team work and its relevance in the context of current organizational demands. Learners will develop understanding of five critical principles that promote or stand in the way of effective teamwork and team leadership. At an applied level, learners will learn to express themselves authentically and with clarity so they can learn from each other. It will offer concrete ways to increase awareness, choices, and freedom with all the personal integrity, responsibility, and accountability those ideas imply. Specific tools will be offered for building enduring relationships and develop greater trust in groups and teams. Pre-requisite: BIM Fundamentals I.

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TBA Sep. 09 2024 - Dec. 01 2024 $800.00
TBA Jan. 13 2025 - Apr. 06 2025 $800.00