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DPS-51035 Strategic Human Resource Plann

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In pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage, human resources play an integral role in achieving the future direction of strategic business objectives. The human resource area not only guides and supports employees and managers through the process; they also filter change across all functions of the organization. Strategic human resource planning enhances organizational performance by providing a unified focus and communicating performance expectations to employees. In the current innovate or die business environment, maximizing performance helps businesses stay ahead of the competition. Prerequisites: DPS 15245 Principles of Human Resource Management Outcomes:On completion of this course, students will: Describe the strategic planning process for an organization and their human resource department; Assess how strategic priorities impact human resource management practices including recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and performance management; Evaluate the external environment to predict labour surpluses or labour shortages; Develop strategies to pro-actively respond to labour surpluses and labour shortages. Develop strategies to improve diversity outcomes within the organization, including in international contexts; Assess an organization's succession hierarchy and recommend appropriate succession planning tactics; Understand how to manage the strategic decisions to merge or downsize businesses from a human resource perspective, beyond simple forecasting; Assess how employee attitudes impact information technology usage and associated realization of strategic goals; Describe common HR issues that arise during mergers and recommend best practices to avoid them; Discuss contemporary issues and controversies in strategic human resource management

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T. Cole Apr. 11 2021 - Jun. 27 2021 $450.00