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STAT-9010 Statistics As a Managerial Tool

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Managing today can require good instincts. However, instinct is not enough to manage the huge amounts of available data and the complex variables of the business world. Statistics can help managers and leaders make sense of these complexities, back-up their assertions, and feel confident about when to take the risks and when to pump the brakes. This intermediate-level course examines statistics as a managerial tool. It also looks at common graphical representations of data and how these can be effective tools to explain situations and support persuasive arguments for a course of action.This course will take 5 hours to complete.  You have 90 days to complete the course.

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Jul. 02 2024 - Sep. 30 2024 $109.00
Aug. 06 2024 - Nov. 04 2024 $109.00