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STAT-9009 Statistical Process Control

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Statistical Process Control is all about boosting quality. Quality management can not only delivery value to customers and stakeholders, it can also enable data-driven decision making that helps organizations gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This intermediate-level course will introduce the basics of quality management, explaining the difference between quality control and quality assurance, providing methods for application of analysis, showing different applications of the Seven Basic Quality Tools. It all culminates in a brief case study, which illustrates the concepts covered.This course will take five hours to complete. You have 90 days to complete the course.

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Instructor Date Tuition
Oct. 03 2023 - Jan. 01 2024 $105.00
Nov. 07 2023 - Feb. 05 2024 $105.00
Dec. 05 2023 - Mar. 04 2024 $105.00