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BUS-3420 Recruitment and Selection

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Attracting, hiring, and retaining the right people is key to organizational success in a competitive global market. This course provides a conceptual and practical understanding of the key aspects of the recruitment and selection functions in Human Resource Management (HRM). The material builds on concepts and theories introduced in the Fundamentals of HRM course. Knowing how crucial good staffing decisions are to an organization's success, students learn the principles, current techniques and practical applications for recruitment and selection. Material is discussed both from the perspective of the organization and from the perspective of potential and existing employees.


BUS-2103(3) and BUS-2440(3), both with a minimum grade of C+ (prerequisite) and students must have met their university writing requirement with a minimum grade of C+ (or exemption) (prerequisite).

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K. Breward(K) Sep. 07 2021 - Dec. 22 2021