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EDUA-1015 Math Content & Practice

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This course focuses on building encouragement, positive attitudes, confidence and academic content, practice and strategy application that can be utilized by educational assistants when supporting student learning in Mathematics. Developing knowledge of the curriculum, math processes, positive attitudes and core competencies will enable educational assistants to support students and teachers more effectively.


EDUA-1001, EDUA-1002, EDUA-1003, EDUA-1004 and EDUA-1006

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Certificate or Diploma

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Instructor Date Tuition
H. Lavery Jun. 01 2024 - Aug. 31 2024 $385.00
H. Lavery Jul. 02 2024 - Sep. 30 2024 $385.00
H. Lavery Aug. 01 2024 - Oct. 31 2024 $385.00