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DPS-51037 Managing Occupational Health Safety& Env

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Formerly DPS 16403 Workplace Health & Safety (18hrs) The health and safety of workers is paramount to a vibrant and effective workforce. This course will examine the roles and responsibilities of the human resources practitioner in the area of workplace health and safety. Participants will examine best practice for fostering a workplace culture where workers and management in cooperation to assure safety and report unsafe conditions. The overall success of a workplace health and safety program relies on developing a clear communication plan, establishing relationships across the entire organization, and setting strategic goals to maintain and promote a safe work environment while ensuring compliance with the various legislated requirements. Prerequisites: Principles of Human Resource Management Outcomes: On completion of this course, students should be able to: Act on all workplace health and safety matters in compliance with the federal and provincial requirements and according to the employer's duties and responsibilities; Identify, evaluate, and report workplace health and safety incidents and develop appropriate strategies, policies, and procedures; Conduct accident/incident investigations and know what is required for the disciplinary and/or reporting process; Determine all the elements of inclusive and respectful work environments and understand how to build these elements into an organizational framework. Additional Comments: WHMIS certification is a component of this course.

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E. Padua Apr. 11 2021 - Jun. 27 2021 $450.00