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DPS-15248 Labour-Management Relations

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Elective course for the Human Resource Management Diploma and the Advanced Diploma in Leadership in Early Childhood Care and Education Text required. PREREQUISITES: Principles of Human Resource Management, Human Resource Law WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE? Anyone who has been employed for a few years and is assuming managerial responsibilities will benefit from this course, as will union stewards and individuals interested in labour-management relations. This course helps you develop a basic understanding of the industrial relations system operating in the workplace, including the concepts, principles, practices of human resources management at play in workplaces, unionized or non. The course examines trends emerging in the new information economy, including globalization. Western Civilization and the Free Market system, the nature of human conflict, management rights, union rights, theories of leadership, the "Respectful Workplace" (including anti-harassment policies), arbitration, conciliation, mediation, strikes, human rights, contract administration and interpretation, grievances, employee misconduct and discipline, termination for cause and investigations are among the many topics you will cover.UPON COMPLETION OF THIS COURSE, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO: o Apply the principles of procedural fairness to situations in the workplace o Understand human rights legislation, employment law and key Supreme Court cases impacting human resources management and practices o Assess and distinguish poor work performance from misconduct and understand what appropriate corrective actions are appropriate

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M. Kempe Jan. 10 2022 - Apr. 03 2022 $495.00