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EDUA-1012 Instructional Technology

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This course uses a hands-on approach to familiarizing students with the various ways in which technology can be used as an instructional tool. Students are engaged in acquiring knowledge and practicing subject specific skills and procedures using technology. Being able to competently use instructional technology should enable educational assistants to assist teachers and support students more effectively. This course gives a focus to curriculum support and assistive/augmentative technology.


EDUA-1001, EDUA-1002, EDUA-1003, EDUA-1004 and EDUA-1006

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Instructor Date Tuition
C. Zacharko Oct. 01 2023 - Nov. 30 2023 $229.00
C. Zacharko Nov. 01 2023 - Dec. 31 2023 $229.00
C. Zacharko Dec. 01 2023 - Jan. 31 2024 $229.00