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EDUA-1003 Inclusive Education

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This course examines the evolution of inclusive education in the public school system with an emphasis on the supportive services available to students in an inclusive classroom setting. The majority of educational assistants working in Manitoba school are employed to support students receiving inclusive education services.  This course supplies background information that assists educational assistants to contribute to meaningful discussions about students who have exceptionalities. It puts the educational assistants “in the loop” without requiring that they be “experts” and without implying that they are in any way responsible for programming decisions.  This course helps the educational assistants to better interpret program instructions and implementation strategies. This knowledge assists educational assistants to participate on a more meaningful level than simply following instruction. It helps educational assistants to prepare for the variety of challenges that they encounter in schools with an emphasis on making their work more effective in the supporting role that they serve with teachers in assisting students to work toward achieving the outcomes that have been identified in their program.  This course provides basic terminology related to inclusive education that enables educational assistants to dialogue with teachers regarding students who have specific exceptionalities. 



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C. Zacharko Jul. 02 2022 - Sep. 30 2022 $319.00
C. Zacharko Aug. 01 2022 - Oct. 31 2022 $319.00