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SOC-3233 Green Justice

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This course examines inequalities across race, gender, class and locality in relation to environmental problems such as toxic waste disposal, air pollution, climate change, deforestation, and environmental disasters. It also examines the response to these inequalities in the form of local and global movements, protests, and politics. Topics include: the history of green justice; how green justices are created; differential exposure to environmental risks; the impact of green inequalities and the various responses to green injustices. Students may also be interested in CJ/SOC-3223, which covers different material. Cross-listed: CJ-3233(3). Restrictions: Students may not hold credit for this course and CJ-3233.


SOC-1101(6) or CJ-1002(3), or the former CJ-1101(6) or permission of the instructor (prerequisite).

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