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BIOL-2301 Genetics

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Genetics is central to the study of Biology. It deals with the processes of heredity at all levels, from molecules to populations. Genetic analysis is a logical process; the steps we use today are much the same as those employed by Mendel. Genetic phenomena are analyzed using chemical, biochemical, mathematical, and physical techniques. This course will give you an understanding of the subject as a whole and provide you with a sound basis for evaluating contemporary issues such as genetic engineering, environmental mutagens, heritable human diseases etc. Topics to be covered will include: extensions to Mendelian analysis, mapping techniques, gene mutation, the effects of changes in chromosome number and chromosome structure, the genetics of bacteria and their viruses, the nature of the gene, recombinant DNA technology, and population genetics.


BIOL-1115 and BIOL-1116 (prerequisite) BIOL-2301L (lab) (must be taken concurrently).

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S. Hebert Sep. 07 2021 - Dec. 22 2021
S. Hebert Jan. 06 2022 - Apr. 22 2022