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EDUA-1013 Exceptional Students

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This course provides information about specific student exceptionalities, how certain characteristics may affect the learning process of students and strategies that can be utilized by educational assistants working with students who experience these challenges.  As an educational assistant, it is important to be knowledgeable about the diverse educational characteristics of students in classrooms and the implications of these characteristics for instruction. This course provides an emphasis on making the educational assistant’s work more effective in the supporting role with teachers in assisting students to work toward achieving the outcomes that have been identified in their program. This course provides the basic terminology that enables educational assistants to dialogue with teachers regarding students who have specific exceptionalities.


EDUA-1001, EDUA-1002, EDUA-1003, EDUA-1004 and EDUA-1006

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Instructor Date Tuition
C. Zacharko Apr. 02 2024 - Jun. 30 2024 $359.00
C. Zacharko May. 01 2024 - Jul. 31 2024 $359.00
C. Zacharko Jun. 01 2024 - Aug. 31 2024 $359.00
Jul. 02 2024 - Sep. 30 2024 $359.00
Aug. 01 2024 - Oct. 31 2024 $359.00