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CHEM-2801 Environmental Issues: A Chemistry Perspective

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This course examines a number of environmental and societal issues, such as global warming and acid rain. Basic chemical and physical concepts are introduced as required to supplement the discussion. Topics include the past, present and future use of energy in society; plastics; nutrition; and green/sustainable chemistry. Online discussion groups and assignments are used to facilitate debate and conceptual understanding. This course prepares students for introductory chemistry and environmental sciences courses. The course may also serve as a topical survey for senior science students. Note: CHEM-2801 may be used to fulfil the Science requirement for the BA degree. It can also be used for credit towards the Chemistry major in the 5-Year BEd/BSc degree. CHEM-2801 cannot be used as major credit for the Chemistry or Biochemistry degrees.

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*. Staff Sep. 06 2022 - Dec. 22 2022