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DPS-15117 Effective Oral Communication

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Core Course: Management Certificate, Marketing Management Diploma, Public Relations Diploma, Human Resource Management Diploma, Advanced Diploma in Leadership in Early Childhood Care and Education and Arts and Culture Management Certificate Course materials included in fee. WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE? Anyone who works with people in any capacity will benefit, particularly those in decision-making positions who have the authority to integrate oral communication skills into existing practices. Participants in this course will greatly enhance their oral communication skills. You will learn how to structure and deliver formal and informal presentations, facilitate effective problem-solving sessions and discussions, and listen and respond effectively to other people. Speeches and discussions will be videotaped and critiqued by the instructor and other participants resulting in greater competence and confidence in your oral communication skills. UPON COMPLETION OF THIS COURSE, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO: o Make clear, coherent, accessible, compelling and memorable speeches and presentations o Lead/facilitate meetings and problem-solving sessions efficiently and effectively o Resolve interpersonal conflicts proactively

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To be Announced Jul. 05 2021 - Sep. 26 2021 $470.00