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COMP-1259 Digital UX for Businesses

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Digital experiences are all around us. The advance of digital technologies combined with the expansion of the Internet across all things made it such that we live most of our lives through those technologies. This means that the quality of our life experiences are directly affected by those technologies. This course is a practical introduction to digital user experience design. The course’s main objective is to provide business leaders, managers, user experience professionals, and anyone who aspires to become a user experience professional the necessary knowledge and foundation to deliver exceptional digital user experiences. Students will learn the business rationale and the fundamental notions of sound digital experience design in a fast and changing landscape. Topics will include:User experience theoryThe place of digital experience design in an organization and its relationship with technologyDigital design necessary skillsProcesses and toolsThe measurement of user experience to maximize business success

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Instructor Date Tuition
J. Brugger Aug. 01 2024 - Oct. 31 2024 $649.00
Sep. 01 2024 - Nov. 30 2024 $665.00
Oct. 01 2024 - Dec. 31 2024 $665.00
Nov. 01 2024 - Jan. 31 2025 $665.00
Dec. 01 2024 - Feb. 28 2025 $665.00