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ADEV-3029 Data Analysis with Python

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In this course, students will learn the basics of analyzing data with Python. The course will start by introducing the topic of data science and machine learning and how they’re used in real business applications. Students will learn how to navigate and use the Jupyter Notebook application to work with Python code. Slowly, Python tools used for data analysis will be introduced. Students will learn how to use tools like NumPy and Pandas to easily import and prepare data for analysis. They will then learn how to visualize & begin interpreting data using the Matplotlib & Seaborn tools. They will then learn some basic regression techniques as well as why data classification is important. Finally, students will work in groups to apply what they’ve learned to case studies using real life data sets. The course will finish with the groups presenting their findings to the class.


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Instructor Date Tuition
A. Specht de Andrade Jun. 28 2021 - Aug. 20 2021 $393.00
A. Specht de Andrade Jun. 28 2021 - Aug. 20 2021 $690.00