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STAT-9006 Data Analysis for Improving Organization Performance

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When using data analysis to improve organizational performance, its vital to employ the tools that bring the data to life and keep people engaged in the process. Organizations in both the public and private sectors often use tools and frameworks to deliver the data, and the information the data might suggest, to its staff. This intermediate-level course will explain some of these measures and tools, describe some specific measurements, and explain the relationship between assessment and strategy. Summarizing the data with the correct tool can be the gating factor to reaching staff and effecting changes that spur performance improvement.This course will take five hours to complete. You have 90 days to complete the course.

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Jun. 04 2024 - Sep. 02 2024 $109.00
Jul. 02 2024 - Sep. 30 2024 $109.00
Aug. 06 2024 - Nov. 04 2024 $109.00