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BIOL-1115 Cells and Cellular Processes

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This course will focus on the structural components, biochemistry, and physiology of cells. Topics to be covered will include structure and function of macromolecules, introduction to metabolism, cells and cell structure, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, mitosis and meiosis, life cycles, Mendelian genetics, chromosomes and heredity, DNA structure and replication, transcription and translation, and DNA technology. The laboratory component of this course will both supplement and support the lecture material. The course is designed for students who intend to (a) major in Biology, (b) take a teaching Major or Minor in Biology in the BEd program, (c) take a BSc in Environmental Studies, or (d) take a BA in the B stream of Developmental Studies. Note: Students who have credit in one of Chemistry 40S and Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S, but not in both, may, under certain conditions, qualify to register in this course. Note: Cells and Cellular Processes is a prerequisite for all 2000-, 3000- and 4000-level courses in Biology It is also a required course for entry to Agriculture, Dentistry, Human Ecology, Medical Rehabilitation, Nursing Education, Optometry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine. Note: Students must obtain credit in both BIOL-1115(3) and BIOL-1116(3) to satisfy the requirements for a major in Biology. Students can elect to take up to 6 additional credit hours at the 1000 level; however, these additional credit hours will not count towards the requirement for a major in Biology. Students who wish to use BIOL-1112(6) (Human Anatomy and Physiology) as a prerequisite for advanced courses in Biology must obtain the permission of the Department Chair.


Pre-Calculus Math 40S or Applied Math 40S, and Chemistry 40S (prerequisite) BIOL-1115L (lab) (must be taken concurrently).

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S. Hebert Sep. 08 2020 - Dec. 23 2020