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DPS-51116 Case Studies in HR Management

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Human Resource practitioners face tough business problems and must avert potential harm to their organization by providing fail-safe solutions. This course will examine a variety of contemporary human resource management issues and situations, and examine best practice strategies. The course is the capstone course within the Human Resource Management Diploma Program, and includes a project that draws on all the key knowledge domains and competencies. Prerequisites: This is the capstone course in the Human Resource Management Program. The University recommends that students take this course as one of the final components of their diploma requirements. Outcomes: On completion of this course, students should be able to: Develop solutions to various human resource management issues using established analytic and problem-solving techniques; Integrate knowledge from all the human resource management disciplines (such as recruitment, training, compensation, etc.) into the decision-making process; Implement best practice approaches to human resource management and learn from the challenges and pitfalls of real-life situations; Apply human resource analytic techniques to gather data and measure performance outcomes.

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