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COMM-2000 Business Communication 2

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Strengthening the skills acquired in Term 1, students will further develop their written communication skills by applying the indirect pattern in negative and persuasive situations. You will build up your job search skills by learning the strategies and nuances of the job interview. Presentation skills will be polished as you design and deliver a formal presentation. You will continue to develop report writing skills by planning, organizing, and writing an analytical report. Finally, you will learn how businesses use social media and the web to communicate with its audiences. Both individual and group work will be emphasized throughout the course.


COMM-1000 or COMM-1173

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Certificate or Diploma

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Instructor Date Tuition
M. Kitz Jun. 01 2024 - Nov. 30 2024 $675.00
M. Kitz Jul. 02 2024 - Jan. 31 2025 $675.00