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COMP-1314 Adobe Illustrator

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In the Adobe Illustrator course students will learn to design and illustrate by drawing, creating and positioning objects and the workspace, text manipulation, colouring, tracing images and exporting files to other applications.  Students will further explore topics on converting a photograph to an editable file and how to use layers as an essential tool for organization.  The course concludes with the students displaying their creativity by showcasing what they have learned, connecting the tools, techniques and theory outlined within this course.

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Certificate or Diploma

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Instructor Date Tuition
W. Alejandro-Yarema Oct. 01 2023 - Dec. 31 2023 $539.00
W. Alejandro-Yarema Nov. 01 2023 - Jan. 31 2024 $539.00
W. Alejandro-Yarema Dec. 01 2023 - Feb. 29 2024 $539.00