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COMP-2440 Network Infrastructure

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This course will present a balance of theory and hands-on projects to teach network infrastructure concepts and technologies.  Topics will include the OSI model, standards, protocols, hardware and the underlying theory of physical networks that makes it all work. Additionally the concepts of network security, backups & recovery, disaster planning and network management will be covered. This course is intended for people who have a current understanding of computers and utilize them today. The individual who has been given the responsibility of proposing a network environment, or maintains an existing one will benefit from the material. One of the highlights is a field trip to witness a network infrastructure and speak with industry professionals.


COMP-1061 OR COMP-1365

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Certificate or Diploma

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Instructor Date Tuition
R. Ragbirsingh Feb. 01 2022 - Apr. 30 2022 $555.00
R. Ragbirsingh Mar. 01 2022 - May. 31 2022 $555.00
Apr. 01 2022 - Jun. 30 2022 $555.00
May. 01 2022 - Jul. 31 2022 $555.00
Jun. 01 2022 - Aug. 31 2022 $555.00