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SWRK 1210 Mitakuye Oyasin (We are All Related)

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Centered in creation stories, Indigenous knowledges, epistemologies, sovereignty, natural laws, ceremonies, relationships to land, place, and all of creation, this course provides an examination of the spiritual and relational aspects of existence on Turtle Island. The course examines colonial policy, experiences of colonization and historical trauma, treaties and land agreements, through the lens of resistance. Depending on the instructor, this course may have a field trip. Contact the Director of your program site for details. May not be held with SWRK 4220 or SWRK 4221. Prerequisites: INDG 1200 or the former NATV 1200 or [INDG 1220 (the former NATV 1220) and INDG 1240 (the former NATV 1240)].

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TBA Jan. 08 2024 - Apr. 10 2024