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ECON 2010 Microeconomic Theory 1

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This course builds on ECON 1010 to examine in greater detail microeconomic concepts of supply, demand, and industry structure. The course also includes the study of externalities, public goods, information asymmetries, and risk and uncertainty. Students may not hold credit for ECON 2010 and any of: ECON 2451, the former ECON 2450, or the former ECON 2700. Prerequisite: [a grade of "C" or better in ECON 1010 or ECON 1011 or the former ECON 1200 or the former ECON 1201] or [a grade of "C" or better in both ECON 1210 (or ECON 1211) and ECON 1220 (or ECON 1221)].

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TBA Jan. 18 2021 - Apr. 16 2021