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WGS-3005 Gender in Fairy Tale Film and Cinematic Folklore

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Fairy tale film (movie or TV versions of international wonder tales) and cinematic folklore (representations of other traditional genres in film) express notions of gender that have multiple implications for their creators and audiences. Using feminist film theory, we explore filmed versions of traditional culture primarily for adults. Topics include postmodern and psychoanalytic perspectives; metamorphosis, enchantment, monstrosity, and abjection; transgender and transbiology; the rise in popularity of adult fairy tale film; analyses of particular auteurs; adaptation theory; genre and generational shifts and remixes; historic and contemporary perspectives on innovative cinematography and special effects, and/or contemporary iconography.


WGS-1232(6) or WGS-2001(3) or the former WGS-2002(3) or ENGL-2114(6) or permission of the instructor (prerequisite).

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