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ECON-2819 Corporate Finance I

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This course introduces students to the fundamentals of finance and presents theories and tools to be used in addressing corporate finance problems and issues. The course examines the theories and principles of financial management that relate to the practices used by corporations in the procurement, management and disbursement of capital funds. Topics include methods of capital acquisition and valuation of capital and financial assets. Cross-listed: BUS-2819(3). Restrictions: Students may not hold credit for this course and BUS-2819.


ECON-1102 and ECON-1103 with a minimum grade of C+ or BUS-2002 with a minimum grade of C+ (prerequisite) A minimum 3 credit hours of academic writing (except RHET-1120/3), or permission of the Instructor (prerequisite) STAT-1301, STAT-1401, STAT-1501 or the former STAT-1201 with a minimum grade of C+ (must be taken previously or at the same time as this course).

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D. Ng Jan. 06 2020 - Apr. 21 2020