Online resources for research skills

  • Information Literacy, a tutorial by the University of Idaho, features seven modules explaining what information literacy is, why it's important, and how to apply those skills. The modules include searching, locating, evaluating, and sharing information.
  • Harvard's Guide to Using Sources is a required text for students enrolled in an introductory course on university fundamentals at Harvard, but it is available online for anyone to read. The information is divided under seven major topics, including locating, evaluating, integrating, and citing sources; avoiding plagiarism; and explaining why source use is important in your university education. 
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison's Research Tips & Tricks is a handy resource for those who are new to using libraries and dealing with sources. While some of the information is designed for students using one particular library, the tips are general enough to be relevant elsewhere. 
  • This Digital Literacy Resource from Cornell University focuses on the skills you need to be a savvy navigator of digital information. For students who are new to academic writing, it is an indispensable introduction to what you need to know about using the web for a research project.
  • University of Toronto's Reading and Researching catalogues eight handouts on how these skills contribute to academic writing.