Online resources for studying

  • Brandon University's Online Resource Guide has a number of external links to useful resources.
  • The University of Manitoba's list of study skills sites also offers a number of links to valuable external sites.  
  • The University of Winnipeg hosts a number of Study Skills Workshops throughout the year. Of particular value to non-UW students are the handouts on this webpage, which include class participation, time management, note-taking, critical thinking, memorization, and more. 

  • The University of Guelph Learning Commons offers a Guide to University Learning, which recommends a consisent process for reviewing notes throughout the term and includes a list of questions you should know heading into the final exam. The site has won a number of awards for its content. 
  • The University of Adelaide's Study Tips for Succeeding at University gives practical advice on managing your time and your workload, including self-help and self-direction. 
  • University of Cambridge divides their Study Skills page into four categories: time management, reading, note-taking, and IT literacy, research & library skills. 
  • Open University's Study Skills page is a list of links organized according to topic that lead you to more specific information. 
  • Texas A&M's basic study techniques should sound familiar. 
  •, a broad resource for students that shows you the best ways of mastering material in school. 
  • Cal Newport's Study Hacks blog contains frequent updates and regular content about managing your study time effectively as a student. His unconventional advice has resonated with students enough to support three books on the subject. 
  • UNBC's study skills handouts address a range of subjects, from transitioning to university to succeeding in seminars.