Dual Credit

Some post-secondary institutions and high schools have joined together to help high school students get a head start on university or college. These programs, known as "dual credit," allow high school students to take courses toward both their senior years of high school and a university or college credential. We encourage high school students and guidance counsellors to stay informed on these opportunities to enable academic achievement. Explore the following categories for more information.

  • Dual credit programs in Manitoba

    These resources will help high school students, parents, and guidance counsellors determine admissions requirements for dual credit programs. The main thing you need to know about dual credit programs is that students are admitted under different regulations than normal applicants. Dual credits are also treated as a form of transfer credit, so sometimes you have to view specific programs for dual credit availability.
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  • Courses available for dual credit

    Only select courses from these institutions are available for dual credit, and it is often necessary to contact an advisor or recruiter to discover which specific classes accommodate dual credit students. Furthermore, your high school must apply to the Department of Education for the university course to be accepted for credit in your final year of secondary education. 

    Assiniboine Community College

    • According to the ACC website, detailed information on dual credit and a current list of acceptable dual credit courses are available from a student advisor. Click here for information on how to contact an advisor. 

    Brandon University

    • The policy statement on dual credit at BU states that "the awarding of senior years credit for university-level courses is a matter for high schools." Course offerings for dual credit through BU vary according to high school. After meeting with a guidance counsellor, you should contact student services for information on how to proceed. 

    Red River College

    The University of Winnipeg

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