The John E Robbins Library is located at Brandon University and services students and the public in the Brandon area. The website directs students to a comprehensive catalogue and academic databases. It also includes LibGuides, a collection of resources designed to provide research assistance. 

The website for Red River College's Library features a number of impressive resources for students, including regular blog updates, databases, guides, and instructions on common library services. The college has two full-service libraries, one located at the main Notre Dame Campus and one at the Exchange District Campus. The libraries service both the curriculum needs of students and faculty in addition to administrative and research needs of the broader college community. 

Pitcairn Commons

The library at the University of Winnipeg supports the academic needs of students, faculty, and community guests. In addition to its extensive collection, services, and innovative study spaces, the library includes the Eckhart Grammaté Library, which contains the professional and personal libraries of Ferdinand Ekhart and Walter Grammaté. This particular picture features the Pitcairn Commons, a multimedia learning space for students.

The Université de Saint-Boniface's library, la Bibliotheque Alfred-Monnin, is one of the oldest and most important French language collections in Manitoba and in western Canada. A full-service library with an extensive catalogue and a comprehensive inter-library loan program, the library meets the academic needs of its community in a variety of ways. For more information, visit the website.

The UCN Library has six physical locations across northern Manitoba. The overall mission is to support the curriculum of the University College of the North; provide resources to support the educational communities of Northern Manitoba; and to develop a research library to support the needs of the Aboriginal Studies Centre of the University, promoting academic success by providing library services to users located not only on its campuses, but at remote community sites as needed.

The University of Manitoba is home to a number of libraries that offer a wide range of collections and services, including archives and special collections, digital libraries, digital resources on Manitoba history (Manitobia), journal databases, and more.